Who We are

The Project Friendship Society is a private, non-profit charitable organization. We are registered with The Canada Revenue Agency. We promote the full participation and contributions of all people with or without disabilities in all aspects of life.


Project Friendship Society works hard to enlighten, enrich, encourage and empower individuals with DiversAbilities in Northern British Columbia.


Project Friendship Society focuses mainly on people helping people with DiversAbilities. We assist in creating a circle of friends with increasing opportunities in Art, Music, Culture and Recreation. We provide opportunities to achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations in all areas of life. We achieve this by connections with leaders in the community, like minded, compassionate neighbors, families and friends. We make connections and partnerships with educational and philanthropic institutions to pilot innovative approaches to disability inclusion. This supports the research and development of the program initiatives that are vital to an all-inclusive community with an even broader positive impact.  
We are proud to have helped leaders in our community to be more aware of the need for inclusion of people with DiversAbilities in our communities.


  1. All inclusive – people with or without disabilities.
  2. Respect the rights and needs of all.
  3. Promote positive attitudes.
  4. Raise awareness of the needs of people with DiversAbilities.
  5. Create fun within a safe non-threatening environment.
  6. Enlighten, encourage, empower, and engage inclusive community activities.