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Providing information and resources while creating a circle of friendships is the “backbone” of this publication. It is produced on a bi yearly basis to keep the information fresh and up to date contact. Never be at a loss whom or where to go for assistance.

Staff, and volunteers of many organizations refer to the leisure reference guide of over 900 current telephone numbers, addresses and contact names.

The most prevalent request is for leisure and shopping locations that are accessible.

We do our best to keep a stock of relevant brochures and literature that assist in your research of leisure time activities.

We enlighten and encourage the individuals to empower themselves with material to make an educated decision of what is best for them.

Our special events such as the workshops, presentations (such as Tips, tricks and Tools for adaptive living), active participation in community events, and our annual Wellness North Expo at the Civic Centre.

We are 25 years young and the work continues to grow, the high demand for additional support, education and programming to enable inclusion for all in Art, Music, Culture and Recreation.

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